How the system work?
LEDglas utilizes the imported customized film to be laminated between two pieces of glass, giving the amazing non – visible – wire with LED light coming from inside of the glass piece. Customer can choose the position and number of LEDs as needed.

Product information

Avaible colors              White / Blue / Green / Red / Pale Yellow
Maximum size             1600 x 3810 mm.
Thickness                    8 mm. to 22 mm. (glass thickness from 3+3 to 10+10mm.)
Electricity                    Powered by 3 Volts to 48 Volts DC (depend on the design)
Life time                     Approx. LED life ~ 20,000 hours
How to order              Customer chooses how to arrange the LED, color of LEDs can
                                  be mixed (extra cost
Warranty                     One year (terms and conditions apply)
Visibility & UV  Light    Transmission > 80% / 99% UV resistant
Climate                       Operate in temperature – 20 to 80 degree celcius, avoid
                                  moisture (indoor only)

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