Washi Glas

7th generation, master craftman "Minoru Fujimori" continues the traditional hand-made washi paper making

Since the late 1700’s, the Fujimori family has faithfully kept alive the tradition of “Awa Washi”, papermaking in Tokushima, Japan. More recently the family has transformed the ancient craft into the international brand ‘Awagami Factory” artfully making washi paper as in the old days while embracing the needs of todays artists and designers.

Glassform, in corporation with Awagami Factory proudly present ‘WashiGlas’ – a unique combination of traditional Japanese paper fused with architectural glass.This impressive new material reflects the organic beauty of Japanese washi paper while providing a modern sense of design to any building project. ‘Washiglas’ is now available in an impressive range of colors and patterns,is easy to install and marks a beautiful new entry into the interior design marketplace.

‘The tradition of washi paper making is not a thing of the past, but is something to be maintained and passed on to the next generation’
Brochure washi glas

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